26th April 2007

Why has the government gone quiet on Wacol kangaroo killing?
Public and media given misinformation on number of
Wacol kangaroos by State government agency.


Friends of Pooh Corner is asking the Environment Minister simply to answer some questions about the killing of kangaroos.

Lets not use the word cull. This is the government planning to kill kangaroos.

The community wants to know why the government is planning to kill kangaroos at Wacol. Given that there is no evidence of starving kangaroos; and given that killing some kangaroos will not stop others getting hit by cars, what is the governments justification?

The EPA is silent. The Environment Minister is silent.

The kangaroo population size is not known. Stateline on the ABC used the figure of 700 kangaroos (13/4/07, http://www.abc.net.au/stateline/qld/content/2006/s1896572.htm). The Sunday Mail states 6000 (22/4/07 p.38). A Channel Nine report said there were up to 8000 (http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=262101). Friends of Pooh Corner believes there are approximately 1000.

There has been misinformation spread about the number of kangaroos at Wacol. How can the public have any faith in the governments judgement when clearly they don't even know how many kangaroos there are?

The EPA and Environment Minister appear to want the public to forget about the Wacol kangaroos so they can proceed with killing them. That won't happen, the community loves these kangaroos and Brisbane is lucky to have them. It is time the EPA recognises this and talks to the community.

We also want the government to confirm whether or not the kangaroo killings have started.