Developers Beware -
Pooh Corner and Sanananda Barracks

In the event that this land is sold, potential purchasers must understand that community groups will continue to campaign to ensure that none of the site is developed given its extremely high nature conservation values.

Anyone who buys this land must understand that Pooh Corner is endangered ecosystem, protected under state government law. See recent public comments from the Queensland Minister for Natural Resources below and comments from Federal Liberal Member, Cameron Thompson below.

If you are thinking of putting in a tender for either Sanananda or Pooh Corner, and would like to talk to Friends of Pooh Corner, please call Nikki on 0419 751 152, or email

Comments made about Pooh Corner

State Natural Resources Minister Stephen Robertson

Extracts from Courier Mail article 13/4/05

But Natural Resources Minister Stephen Robertson said it was ``extremely unlikely'' authorities would overturn the protection to allow it to be developed.
After being confronted by concerned environmentalists at a recent community Cabinet meeting, Mr Robertson wrote to Defence Minister Robert Hill highlighting concerns about the land sale.
``Any prospective buyer should be aware it is currently mapped as endangered vegetation, and under the Act endangered vegetation is protected and it is extremely unlikely any state approval would be given to clear the land,'' he said.
Mr Robertson said claims the mapping was dated were untrue as the site had been inspected by Environmental Protection Agency officers as recently as November.

Cameron Thompson, Federal Liberal Member for Blair

Extracts from Queensland Times article, 14/4/05

Mr Thompson said he was confident the protected land would be maintained.
"There is already a state government rule in place that the land cannot be cleared," Mr Thompson said.
"I see the value in that because it means the land will be protected in the future