Current Queensland state governemnt laws protect the endangered ecosystems at Pooh Corner.

If anyone had purchased Pooh Corner when the Federal Government tried to sell it off in 2005, it would have been almost impossible to get a permit from the State goverment to clear the endangered ecosystem.

The EPA's RE (regional ecosystem) mapping of the Pooh Corner area shows Endangered ecosystems as pink areas that cover most of the land (about 80%) (see below).

The Vegetation Management Act and Regulations, in conjunction with the Integrated Planning Act are the pieces of legislation which cover the protection of endangered ecosystems. The Vegetation Management Regulation details which ecosystems are endangered, see below for an extract which shows the ecosystems present at Pooh Corner.

The Sandy Creek ecosystem is listed as "not of concern". However it is hard to see how a permanent waterway can be built on given the Brisbane City Council's Codes for Waterways, Wetlands, and Biodiversity which effectively 'block' development along Sandy Creek. Areas of wetland have also been mapped by the Brisbane City Council.

Extract from RE Map

Vegetation Management Regulation 2000

Schedule 1, Part 9

Eucalyptus tereticornis woodland to open forest on alluvial plains

Eucalyptus tereticornis, Corymbia intermedia on remnant Tertiary surfaces, usually near coast. Usually deep red soils